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Carlos Medina

Carlos career is impressive and inspiring at the same time. Born and raised in Chile, he started his acting career at the Universidad de Chile, followed by various theater engagements as an actor and director. Shortly after he founded his own theater group, with his goal in mind to not only perform on theater stages across the country but also to make his art accessable for the less fortunate. With the violent coup in 1973, he, his wife and his son had to leave Chile abruptly and arrived in the German Democratic Republic, where he became the first foreigner to study at the well-know Directing Institute Berthold Brecht. He continued to direct plays at his "Teatro Lautaro" and after successfully completing his studies, he started working at the Berliner Ensemble, where he had huge success as director, through which he was asked to work internationally for various productions. He made another stop at the "Deutsches Theater Berlin" and founded his own theater group at the "Ikaron Theater Berlin". The latter was branded by an inclusive approach between cultures and age groups, which resulted in very successful productions nationally and internationally. In recent years, he has been working in the Chilean embassy, mediating between culture and politics and creating events in a German-Chilean context. Based on his expertise and huge success as Theater Director he has been part of the Momentum Medina team since 2018, being specialized in Theater Acting and Directing.


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