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Francisco J. 


Francisco Javier was born in Rostock, East-Germany in 1977. He worked as a child actor in TV and witnessed first hand the fall of the Berlin Wall. His parents are artists from Chile who worked in human rights and became successful directors and actors at the most important theaters in Europe. After growing up in different countries like France, Mexico and Chile, Francisco started his philosophy studies at the Humboldt University Berlin, where he further developed his desire to express his knowledge through the power of acting. As a result, he got an acting degree at the ARCIS University Chile and started at the prestigious Acting University, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Rostock with a rewarded scholarship. 

Francisco received the Max Reinhardt and Regine Lutz Acting Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Theater Performance in a German-speaking country. Ever since he has played in almost 50 theater productions and in several TV & Film productions all over the world. He was highly recognized for his lead role in the popular German TV show "All that Counts“. 

Besides working in commercial and artistic projects he gained experience as a Director and Producer, with one of his movies being premiered in Cannes and another one winning the Best Picture Award in Chile.


His other passion is human development. Since his Philosophy studies he has been intrigued with why people do what they do and how the behavior can be changed in a fundamental and lasting way. He went through a thorough coaching education and has certificates and qualifications in the fields of rational emotional therapy, NLP, contextual coaching, hypnosis, systemic analysis. Also, having Mapuche blood in his veins, he has trained transformational rituals with Shamans from this tribe in Chile. He connects his cognitive knowledge with the emotional work of an actor and bolsters it with his physiognomic rituals to produce passionate results on and off screen. 

Since founding Momentum Medina in 2015, Francisco has coached more than 2.000 people in workshops and individual sessions from Sydney to L.A. and from Stockholm to Buenos Aires. He is the mental coach of three-time World Champion in Wrestling, Frank Stäbler, and other high-performing athletes, works together with international politicians, actors and casting directors and provides companies with unique leadership coaching.

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